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Tiếng Việt: orbicule.com là trang chủ chính thức của nhà cái QH88 – trang web cá cược xanh chín, uy tín và có đông người chơi nhất hiện nay tại châu Á. Từ 2023, tập đoàn QH88 sử dụng orbicule.com là tên miền chính để cập nhật link vào Qh88 mới nhất.

Tiếng Anh nguyên bản/ English version:

Who is Orbicule?
Orbicule is dedicated to developing software that redefines and revolutionizes its genre. We focus on three platforms: Mac OS X, iOS and the web.
The company was founded on January 3, 2006 by Peter Schols. Since then, the Orbicule team has grown to include 4 people – engineers and designers – who share a passion for software design in the broadest sense of the word.

Where does the Orbicule name come from?
The name ‘Orbicule’ is a botanical term, referring to very small sporopollenin particles found in the anthers of many flowering plants. Given Peter’s background in biology and because orbicules are so widespread – which will hopefully apply to our software as well – we decided to go with that name. There is one big difference however: the real function of orbicules remains unknown, while our software has a clear mission: to surprise and delight its users…

Where are we located?
We are located in Heverlee, a friendly town with a large forest, close to Leuven, one of the oldest historic and academic cities of Belgium. Leuven is located in the center of Belgium and Belgium is located in the heart of Europe. Therefore, we are very close to many European cities: Brussels, Antwerp, Paris, London, Köln and Amsterdam are all less than two hours away.

Why are we writing software?
You will agree that Mac OS X and iOS are great platforms to work with. The user interface is gorgeous, the underlying technology is rock solid and the attention to detail is unmatched in the entire industry. However, a great OS needs great software in order to be truly… great. We want our software to be the best of its kind for Mac OS X, iOS and the web and we are working hard to accomplish that.

Of course we can’t do this alone, that’s why your feedback and your input are very important to us. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a comment, question or suggestion (see the sidebar on this page). This brings us to another great aspect of Mac OS X and iOS: the community. Working with OS X or iOS not only means working with the most advanced operating systems on the planet, it also means being part of a wonderful community of educated, smart and helpful users. Another reason why we love to write software for the Apple’s devices.